Greta Cottage Workshop
Greta Cottage Workshop presents regular shows on both the internet, and FM radio.

GCW radio on Soundart FM goes on a more consistent upbeat House Music manoeuvre.(well it is saturday) We truck over to the Studio in Dartington and do the whole thing live. Often we have friends kicking back with us and its a party vibe.

Sometimes however, We do host guest mixes where the musical content is down to our guests flavour. What we can tell you is only the credible need apply. The sign on the door says 'No Cheese'

Try these Past Guest Shows
Discreet Unit, Shane Berry, Wasserfall, Chalky White & Tyler Stadius

Below are the specifics of past and upcoming Shows. These can be concept sets or just outright Party throwdowns.
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Stephan Perrinjaquet (Dollar Mambo) Guest Mix - 24th Feb 2011

A cloud in my room

One of these nights when I was composing music, I took a break, stepped on the balcony. From this place, you can see the top of the mountains that surrounding my village, a thousand meters high above a lake. Sometimes you can see the clouds coming out of the forest. Forming themselves, rising up from the gorges, reminding me Manara's jungle forest.

I was looking at these shapes, moving, growing and floating up to me. My body slowly gets erased by all that waterdust. When I got back in my room, I was surprised to see thousands of reflects, moving very slowly, shining like light crystals. They composed an entire living web around everything in the space.

So, I began to start this mix, with a cloud in my room…

01. Soft Machine - The floating world
02. iGod - Wendy Carlos and the Kubick Rubrick
03. Michel Portal - Mozambic
04. Eddie Harris - Silver Cycles
05. Eat static - Flippity flippity
06. Cluster & Eno - Schöne Hände
07. Laurie Anderson - O Superman
08. Dragan Ahmedovic - Logistic
09. George Duke - The Beginning
10. Larry Heard - Mercurian Funk
11. Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Pattern 3
12. Spacer vs Juryman - Masters of the Unison
12. Magma - Lihns
13. John Surman - Beginning credits/Running away
14. Urs Leimgruber, John Wolf Brennan, Norma Winstone - Sphere
15. Talk Talk - I believe in You
16. Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis - In a Silent Way/It's About That Time
17. George Crumb (Emmy Henz-Diémand) - Stimmen aus 'Corona Borealis'
18. Rockers HiFi ??:?
19. Jean-Michel Jarre - Poltergeist Party
20. David Byrne - A Million Miles Away
21. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (the soul)
22. Distortion Orchestra - Fire Maiden
23. Offering - Uguma ma melimeh gingeh